Lume-Link registration is annoying

Is there any way to prevent me from having to log in to the Leia Player app for Lume-Link every 14 days and then having to reload all the photos from Lume-Link to the Lumepad?

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Hey @Romius,

This is done for security purposes. Your feedback has been heard, we will take it into consideration in the future.


That would be great. I have a few hundred photos on Lume Link that have to be re-downloaded each time. Thanks very much!

I’m really tired to re-confirm every few days I’m me. On every Leia App.

Google Play account would be more dangerous and even in that case I wouldn’t accept to having to login every few days. The world is too complicated even with password managers (which also requires re-login every few days and is a hell, even for login to the forum to write this answer required more than five minutes because I had to re-login to password manager and then confirm multiple times I’m me - yeah, I know, is not related with you, but every service that forces me to do the same makes my life more complicated, and I my time and patience is limited).

It’s really, really annoying

Did you change anything? Now I have to log in every three days and download all the photos again. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

I hear your frustration, Romius! Life is too short for Facebook and any other websites that waste my time.

We haven’t changed anything. My team is looking into this.

Just want to add that I also get the login prompt a lot more often in LeiaPix recently, even twice yesterday.

…and again just now.

Every day Now. :neutral_face:

Every day. And what makes it worse is that both the email and password fields are cleared after a typo and requires that both is entered again.