Metaverse access

What are the plans for access to the Metaverse using the Lumepad. The Lumepad is ideally suited for this 3D experience and so much better, not having to put on a VR head set or 3D glasses

Hey @Rburley,

What do you mean when you say “Metaverse”?

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I agree it is very well suited for linking up with VR, AR, mixed reality etc. I just made a video where I discuss this exact topic. 3D devices have arrived! This time FOR GOOD - YouTube. Check it out if you are interested! I will be covering tons of content on Leia’s latest devices and other glasses free 3D tech on my channel and would appreciate all the support I can get. I love the Lume Pad just as much as you do and can’t wait for the Lume Pad 2.


It would be great as the Metaverse will be used in schools, training, social media and so much more. The Leia with the Lumepad, not having to put stuff on your head are in a great position, for this new market

Hi the Metaverse is a VR space that enables users to interact with others inside a computer generated environment. The Metaverse is entered through VR devices or augmented reality devices. Some of the companies involved with Metaverse are Microsoft, Facebook, and others. This will impact all of us. Leia with the Lumepad is well positioned to take full average of this up coming market, not having to put on VR head sets or VR glasses

Yes good video, people should view it

Hi @Rburley,

The reason I ask is the term is very nebulous, it means many different things to many people and doesn’t have a single accepted definition. For some people it is a synonym for the Internet, for others it means multiplayer games like Fortnite or Roblox, and other people mean Meta’s Horizon Worlds VR game.

Ultimately, to answer your question, any software that runs on Android can integrate the Leia SDK and be viewed on Lume Pad 2, whether or not that software is considered “Metaverse”.

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Hi under stand, the best thing is when schools or others want to do VR field trips or VR teaching or VR training, people want to meet in a VR world the Lumepad acts as a table for your computer needs and your VR device and you do not have to carry around lots of stuff, it is all there in one place. It will be great when I get the Lumepad2

It’s really up to each metaverse platform to support the Lume and other displays. In March I tried to get the powers that be at about a dozen platforms to read Desired Stereoscopic Photo Support in the Metaverse | by Jay Kusnetz | Medium which includes a section asking for Lume support. Banter is one where they read it, and recently implemented stereoscopic photo/video support, so there is hope for them supporting the Lume.