Monitor Release

Noticed you guys updated your website and added another tablet and two monitors. Any rough idea when the 27 inch monitor will be available. Super excited for the larger screen.


That’s also Something I would like to know, is there a Roadmap that you can share regarding Dates when these Monitors will arrive or is this announced later?

A second important thing I would like to ask If there is any conversion built into the Monitors or some type of middleware or drivers that translates existing stereoscopic content or applications that run DirectX or OpenGL, or if the code has to be built specific for the Displays in one of the supported engines, aka unity, UE etc. @Nima , @dfattal ?

No Matter what, I am excited for the announced products, I love every Device with a Leia Display so far and a 27" Monitor would be a perfect fit for my Desktop.


Very excited about any news here too (and not to be a broken record… would love to know if a phone might be in the works someday my RH1 is showing its age).



Another demo video of the monitor and the display for vehicles. Impatiently waiting for a release date :grin:

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Found three press releases with questions and answers about the Leia Monitor

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