Preview of 3D-Con 2021 on Saturday Aug 7

3D-Con is the annual convention of the National Stereoscopic Association (NSA). It is for photographers and collectors of stereo (3D) images and anyone interested in 3D imaging including 3D movies and Virtual Reality. It will be held August 12-15, 2021

A preview of the convention is Saturday August 7 at 02:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada). Register to attend via Zoom, or if you have a VR headset, attend in AltspaceVR (event code BUO613)

The convention has programming for the collector as well as the photographer. Among the highlights are the 3D Theater, Workshops, virtual Art Gallery, Guest and Keynote Speakers and Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings. There will also be social gatherings on Zoom and other online forums. A highlight will be a symposium on the history of stereoscopic photography.

It is free of charge, but we do accept donations. With a paid registration you will receive a package that includes a commemorative Viewmaster type reel and several types of viewers and glasses you will need to view images presented during the convention.

Why should I register?

Besides receiving the registration packet with the reels and glasses, it helps support the NSA in its commitment to promoting 3D photography. We have a donation level that will include membership in the NSA. It also allows us to inform attendees of any technical problems or changes in the schedule.

The 3D-Con website will have a calendar of events and will be updated regularly. Facebook users are encouraged to join the 3D-Con group. There will be ongoing updates and opportunities to connect with other attendees. There will also be spontaneous workshops or social live streams. The group is currently open and may be joined anytime.

To join the meetings simply click on the links in the convention calendar. We will also be posting links on the Facebook 3D-Con group. You can also subscribe to the NSA Theater on YouTube.

How do I view the images?

The 3D Theater will have two streaming options. Anaglyph for those without 3D TVs or monitors and a side-by-side stream for 3D TVs, projectors or monitors. Workshops and SIGs will use anaglyph.

Can I use my 3D TV?

Absolutely! Just hook your TV to a computer as a monitor using a HDMI/DVI cable. You can then make a side-by-side video full screen and choose the 3D option on your TV to handle the side-by-side images. Or, with a passive 3D TV, when viewing some of the Supplemental Material galleries, you can select the Interlaced option and your TV will see it in 3D.