A few things.

  1. I’ll be attending the annual NSA (National Stereoscopic Association) convention next week (8/1/2022-8/8/2022) in Tacoma,WA. I’ll be chairing the Tablet/Phone SIG meeting Wednesday.

  2. If any of you will be attending please let me know, and find me there.

  3. I’ll do a show and tell of my Lume Pad at 3D-con.com. Regrettably, I won’t be able to promote finding and buying a new one. Any promised new production/model info or dates??

I appreciate the problems and cha!lenges of product development, production, and maintenance with processors, operating systems, development toolls,etc. The SIG has high demands and expectations, wishes, etc…a tough audience of 3D enthusiasts.
Greg Taylor

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Wish I could be there. We went to the two Ohio cons and the last two virtual cons. Would love to talk in person about stereo images on the Lume Pad.

Hopefully 3D-Con will be closer to home in 2023. Perhaps we can skype at some later date. I’m going to attempt adding you to the SIG list, so watch for FB notification.

2023 is in Buffalo so we will make the drive from Michigan.