Stylus Recommendation for Lume Pad 2

Anyone have a recommendation?


I just got this one and it’s very good.

Great in the interface and almost good enough to draw.


Wait I’m confused… you said Its very good and “almost” good enough to draw. Which is it? I’m looking to buy one too. Can you please clarify because the pen is mostly used to draw?

The pen I recommended is very good for a generic pen (meaning that works on any touch screen). It’s not a Wacom drawing pen, as those require support from the screen and AFAIK, the Lume Pad 2 does not have pen support. Meaning the resolution is not great and there is no pressure sensitivity. I doubt you could do any serious art with it.

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Ok thabks. btw Have you heard of Broonel Silver Active Stylus for LumePad 10.8?

I tried my microsoftpen and it did not work.