Stylus Recommendations/ Compatibility?

Hello Lume Pad Owners/ Creators, I see that unfortunately my first paragraph vanished.
Please excuse me for that.

Would anyone happen to know of any Stylus which is compatible and/ or works well with the Lume Pad, please?

Back Story

After looking online for a Stylus, I see a potential minefield of compatibility.

Although I suspect that I’d require a Capacitive Stylus, many manufacturers, (sensibly,) don’t commit to any guarantee of compatibility, unless they have previously tested the Stylus with the device.

As I’m looking for a Stylus with as much functionality as I can get into it, I thought it would be sensible to ask here, as I’m sure many Creators are using a Stylus with their Lume Pads.

Many thanks in advance, for any and all suggestions and/ or recommendations.

After calling Wacom, the representative has advised me that none of their products are compatible with Android Devices, aside from as a replacement for your finger.

So, if anyone else was wondering, here is our apparent answer.

Hi Nick,

from the pens I have here and tried on the Lume Pad, only the one that came with the DELL Canvas works - the rear end when held completely upright, but not the tip. I wouldn’t call it “works well” though :slight_smile:
This is in fact a Wacom built touch screen but another Wacom pen I have from a ‘real’ Wacom tablet also doesn’t work at all.
The other pens I tried with no trace on the Lume screen are from Surface and Samsung tablets.


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If I knew of a few more people, who would appreciate the advantages of a more advanced Stylus, along with some more in depth details, (such as the added cost to implement the more advanced HCI. / If it’s technically possible,) I’d make a suggestion to Leia, to consider this feature, if there’s ever an updated Lume Pad in development.

However, as I’m sure the epic team at Leia have already read this, I’ll leave it to their discretion.
Not only do they know more than I do, they do what they do, very well.