Subtitle (srt) and mkv support

Hello. I’m your big fan of Lume Pad. I just want to know why Leiaplayer doesn’t support subtitle (srt) and mkv. In the past LG optimus 3D with built in player can play 3D movies with subtitle. Why Leiaplayer can’t. Nowadays almost every video player can play movies with subtitle. Would you like to add subtitle and mkv support for next update of Leiaplayer? Please. Thanks

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Hi @Johnny,

The newest version of LeiaPlayer actually does support MKV video files! Make sure to update your LeiaPlayer in the Leia Appstore and try again.

We’ve heard the feedback on subtitles, but it’s a little bit hard to make it look right alongside 3D content. Thanks for your feedback, our team will see what we can do in the coming year to bring subtitles to LeiaPlayer.


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Hopefully we are waiting for the next update soon that will play subtitle alongside the movie and also hopefully it will support Top-Bottom (OU) 3D movie too. Thank you.