MK3D support

MK3D being a MKV with 3D tag or StereoMode field. I like to have my 3D movies as MK3D and 2D movies as MKV so it’s easy to differenciate both.

Is there a chance that a future update will enable native reading of MK3D?

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I also would want this. Also the new Apple Spatial Format which is a variant of this same format

There is a chance but it’s pretty unlikely, as it’s a format that’s effectively only used for Blu-Ray rips and is pretty easy to convert to SBS.

With latest Plex bad move, I’ve uninstalled it and installed Jellyfin instead. I’ve asked Plex the same MK3D support but until then had to take mass-rename all my 3D collection to MKV to have it indexed.

Now that I have Jellyfin which support MK3D I did rename all the files to MK3D again. If this ever work in the future it would be nice to be able to stream without having to rename first.