Suggestion for leiapix

if we go into a user,

  1. please add no of images at the top
  2. add scroll bar, so we know how long to go and also if we move back into the user album, we can scroll to section where we left
  3. when we flag our favourite images, if we can sort into custom album we can enjoy the images later

Other suggestions

  1. Option to view smaller thumbnails like shown the search results.
  2. After search result, option to scroll small thumbnails images to left and right in the same row.
  3. Option to download images to view offline, to show the incredible tab to friends and family, who are unaware of this beauty.

Thanks for the suggestions!

LeiaPix already has an Offline Mode! Simply bookmark the images you like and they’ll be downloaded to the LeiaPix app and remain viewable even if you don’t have a network connection.