The size and weight of the fedex package

What are the external dimensions of the parcel shipment as well as weight. I need it for forwarding to another country.

Hello @sveinasak, welcome to the Leialoft Forums.

The Box I received, with only a pre-ordered Lume Pad inside, lists the, “ACTWGT”, at 3.71 LB.
As well as the, “DMS”, at 9x12x5 In.

In case I have misread the information, I have attached a photograph of the label on the box below.

Thank you very much. Then I have to repack to avoid extra transport cost because thicker than 3 inch. :slight_smile:

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It’s probably worth asking if the awesome and obliging Staff at Leia, might be able to assist you with some alternative packaging, to enable you to keep the thickness below your 3" threshold.
(Particularly when the packaging may have changed, between then and now.).

It never hurts to ask.
I’m thinking the e-mail is:
(If not, they’ll be able to forward your e-mail to the appropriate Department/ Team.).

Thank you but I bought this morning (Thailand) where I live. I will prepare my family in Norway to repack. No problem.

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