Today we launch LeiaFlix!

Today we launch a brand new product at Leia, called LeiaFlix. This is a new entertainment system that allows you to rent and stream movies from Warner Brothers and Universal Studios and watch them in 3D on your Lume Pad. We think you will love the experience of browsing the movie catalog in the app to find a movie to watch, and renting it for a couple of days. And of course we think you will be amazed by how they look in Stereo 3D and 3D Lightfield modes!

This is a beta release that we wanted to make available to you for the Thanksgiving holidays. We will be doing some further polishing in the coming days and weeks, and we welcome all your feedback, good or bad.

Please note this service is only available in the United States and its territories.


Awesome, I wish you the best with this great service! :grinning:


I don’t find it on App Store. Is it available in Spain?

LeiaFlix is very cool. I do have some feedback already. I am watching Pacific Rim and I noticed an error with the way closed captions work. Turning on captions puts a black gradient along the bottom of the screen that goes over the top of the captions, making them more difficult to see.

Since the closes captions already have a solid black background built into them, the gradient does not need to be there.

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I assume the intention was to put the gradient under the captions _ not over them.

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Look forward for having it even in Europe :slight_smile: !! Still waiting also for the possibility to order printed pictures :wink:

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The gradient is supposed to go under the captions, not over. Thank you for pointing that out. We’ll look into it. That is meant to help alleviate depth violations, BTW.


Ciao Marco. Unfortunately due to contractual restrictions with the Hollywood studios we currently work with (Universal and Warner Bros.) LeiaFlix only works in the US. As the system grows and we begin working with other studios, including potentially European ones, this may change.


Only in the US for now.

Gabriel, will Leia be hiring a marketing and promotions staff for LeiaFlix? If so, I would love to work in that department. I was a movie promotions writer/producer at the Starz and Encore TV networks for many years. Is there anyone at Leia I can contact about this?

Great! Looking forward to trying this service.
I do hope the movies were filmed in 3D and are not conversions.
Hopefully the film description will make that information clear.

Thank you for letting me know, Rick. Let me check internally.

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Hi Andy. Most of these videos are the same files found on the Blu-Ray 3D release.

No they weren’t.

Do you know that even natively filmed with 3D cameras have to convert in post-production a lot of scenes to solve problems when directly recorded in 3D? Is one of the main reasons that most movies are converted into 3D, and for your surprise 100% fully converted movies have usually better 3D than native.

Anyway, most of what you see on a movie is not real, and even on natively filmed in 3D movies have to use conversion to correctly integrate depth between real elements and CGI, to not to speak that the things that have to be manually deleted from scene in every frame.

Watch any Guardians of the Galaxy movie…

True, David. We do have to tweak some scenes to make them look better in 3D.

I found people discarding a lot of movies with superb 3D only because are converted instead of native. When I show them some of the converted movies they didn’t want to watch in 3D, they regret having discarded so many years of incredible 3D movies.

Hello folks! Today we released a new version of LeiaFlix Beta, which fixes a few miscellaneous bugs. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

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I understand that the studio partners are currently limited, but the selection itself is also very small. Will there be regular updates to provide a larger selection even among your current partners?

Hi Josh. Yes, definitely. This is just the beginning. We will be adding more Warner Bros. content over the next few weeks, and we expect a sizable batch from Universal soon as well.

Keep checking the What’s New section of the app and you’ll see the new additions there as they are posted on a weekly basis. In the future we may add a “Notify Me”-type of feature so that you’ll know when new content is posted.