Unity Editor hanging

STuck in perpetual establishing connection to SRService

Hello Jack,

Could you please let me know which SRDisplay you are currently using? Also, I’d like to ask for the SR service version and the version of our Unity Plugin. You can check the SR service version by going to the SR Dashboard and clicking on the ‘About’ button at the bottom left. For the Unity plugin version, you can find it by the name of the Unity package or check the Version.txt file in Leia/Resources/ folder.


Lumi Pad 2.

SR Service?
I don’t even know what that is.
Just following instructions.
But they don’t seem to mention that.

Please provide comprehensive getting started instructions!

Went into dev docs

No mention of SR Service

Have you tried going the doco on a clean machine and gettings started.
This is all so hugely painful.

Hi @qzzf1w,

The SR Service is a runtime for SR Display for Windows, which isn’t needed for developing or running the application on LP2. The issue with SRUnity hanging occurs only in the Unity Editor and does not affect the build. However, this has been addressed in this version: LeiaUnitySDK Latest.

Sorry for any confusion.

You have given me 3.2.5 as the latest.

I have downloaded 3.2.6 from Github.

Are you saying 3.2.5 is newer than 3.2.6.

I am very confused


Sorry for causing the confusion. Version 3.2.5 is the latest version that supports LP2.
Could you please download Version 3.2.5 using the above link and try to run an example scene from the SDK in Examples/LeiaLogo/?

We are working on making the newer SDK backward compatible with LP2 and will update it once it is ready.

Still getting warning cannted connect

Could you please try all of this on a clean machine?

This is wasting alot of time.