No connection SRService Unity

Hey there,

I have the same problem as 2 others in this forum, but these discussions don’t seem to have been continued, so I’m asking the question again.

After importing the Unity plugin version v.3.2.6 and importing it into a new Unity project (Unity version 2022.3.11f1), SRUnity just can’t connect to the SRService. The SR version is The recommended Unity Settings also show no problems. I am working on the SR Pro 2 and Windows 11.

In the end, the problem is that for example in the project the Leia logo does not “pop out of the screen” in game mode, although it works when I build and run it.

Another thing is the picture below. I imported version 3.2.6, but from the picture it seems to still be at 3.2.5.

Presumably the problems are related? When it deletes the Leia folder, it deletes itself and everything goes black.

What can I do to solve these problems?

Same problem here.

Common Leia.

Great product, but you need developers.

Please respond

Hi @Lironyx,

We don’t currently support 3D preview in the Unity Editor, but it is something we are planning to add.

Not about 3d preview.

You have this whole process around deleteing the directory downloading the latest unzipping and installing.

It doesn.t work.
It hangs.

Again I would encourage you to do a fresh install of everything and walk through using your bits like a new dev who knows nothing.