What are the best 3D videos you've found to stream on the internet?

Hey everyone! I thought it would be cool to collect some of our best recommendations for 3D videos we’ve found on various platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. that look great to view on LeiaTube.

Good examples would be native 3D SBS videos of nature, cooking, video games, and stuff like that. But if you’ve found a good 2D video that converts really well, feel free to share it too!

Here are some of my favorite videos to watch in LeiaTube:

What are your favorites? Or, feel free to share videos you’ve created yourself!

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Good 3D footage I recorded:

This almost seems native 3D with LeiaTube: What's inside the Titanic? - YouTube

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The International Stereoscopic Union (ISU) Club Online Digital Exchange (CODE) showcases 3D photos from around the world. This video presents a great many interesting and beautiful SBS images.


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@Nima Thanks so much for starting this thread, I was just thinking of starting one exactly like this the other day.

I found a few clips of 2D Disney films that had 3D theatrical releases. I think Tarzan looks amazing (if only there was a better resolution clip available). It would be amazing if LeiaTube conversion for 2D animated content can get closer and closer to this level of quality.

Disney’s Tarzan Animated Film 3D Clip

Original Lion King Stampede Scene in 3D

This 2D/3D Spongebob art style also released in 3D and I think the style is a good fit for 3D.

Spongebob Movie 3D trailer

The opening few minutes of this Elton John video is on of my favorites so far. There is a lot of 3D animation and effects that turn out beautifully when viewed on the Lume Pad.

Elton John Video

I have found many more that I’ll share in future posts.