Where's the depth slider?

I have seen the depth slider, but in the editing functions for images only. However, I’ve just imported a SBS MP4 3D video… and cannot find he depth slider at all (the manual’s graphic indicates that it should be available in the lower RH corner of the display). The MP4 is tagged as 3D which is so indicated at the lower left. So where’s the depth slider? The 3D is almost flat and needs adjusting.

The depth slider is currently only available on LeiaTube and LeiaViewer.

Will that be eventually upgraded to include LeiaPlayer as depicted in the manual?

Also is there an reason for the disparity in depth between the MP4 of my commercial 3D blu-ray, viewed on my Luma Pad 2, as compared to it’s significant rendition of depth on my 3DTV? I have it tagged as SBS 3D, and have experimented, alternating it between it between half and full frame. Shouldn’t it display at the default depth of it’s normal rendition on my 3DTV rather than appearing flat on my Lume Pad 2