16 possible Views?

As i understood, the resolution from the standard 2560x1600 LCD panel drops down to 640x400 when using the DLB mode, as depending on the angle the tablet is viewed with, only 1/16th of the pixels can be seen.
Now normally the format is either 2V or 4V, generating 2 and 4 views respectively around the horizontal plane. When i move the tablet up and down and do not move along the horizontal axis, the views are still the same but can be seen from a different pixel that diffracts the same view in a different direction.

So if i understood this correctly, i could also generate different viewpoints (16 in total as compared to 4) when moving the tablet up and down by not only adding 4 but 16 different views (so theoretically a 16V format)? Is there any implementation yet that took this in consideration which i missed, or am i on the wrong path?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

AS far as I know this is correct, but @Nima has probably more Information on that, or @dfattal as the Inventor of this cool technology.
The only thing that uses all 16 Views is the Lightfield Wallpapers in the Lume Pad if I am correct and it looks awesome.

I also wonder what it would look like with a 16View, If it gets too pixellated or If the Processing Power is the Limit here.

Would be cool to see a 16V Picture though, just curious what it would look like, even If it needs to be pre rendered like a quilt-file for a Looking Glass.