Format Questions - Quad 4V, Orbital Content

I’ve been getting familiar with my LumePad. First, apologies in advance if I’ve missed this in the docs anywhere, or it’s buried deeper than I could find.

I wanted to understand the Quad 4V format better. The description of converting orbital content implies that the 4 images in Quad 4V are along a single plane, even though the layout of the format is 2x2. I totally understand the reasons for a 2x2 layout (as a more natural fit for existing image formats), and just wanted to confirm that these are typically 4 image positions across a single axis.

Related, I know that the LumePad supports a total of 16 (4x4) views. Am I right to understand that if the four Quad 4V images are in the horizontal axis, that the vertical views are simply duplicated in columns? And related, is there a content format that fully utilizes all of these views simultaneously?

Welcome to the community! We have totally new and updated docs that will explain all of this soon, but thanks for reaching out so we can get you this info earlier.

Orbital Content does export to Quad Lightfield format (we no longer call it Quad 4V, but simply calling it “Quad” is fine), but there are many ways to make a Quad. Many creators just stitch images together.

The way a Quad is shot is in the views like this:

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

With a consistent distance between each view.

But the way it’s constructed as a file is like this.

1 2
3 4

With no gaps between each image.

You’re correct, the views are duplicated vertically.

We’ve been considering for a long time to open up 16 views to Creators, but if we do, we will most likely only ever do it for photos. It’s very difficult/impossible with current hardware to decode 16 view videos, and definitely impossible to render games or other realtime software with that many views. 4 views with rotation is the sweet spot for current hardware.

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@Nima the 16 View Photo Displaying would be awesome! That way I could take full Advantage of my Lytro Illum finally, would be a great Match I think, and IT would be a good Argument to the People that say the Display ist Just another 3ds Screen, would definetly make some Jaws drop that’s for Sure. IT would point the Direction of the next Leia Device to a 4lens Camera though😉.