Building a 4V camera?

Maybe I am in the wrong place for this post ?
My question is in the topic : as I have several cameras that I can sync (the excellent Samsung NX500) , I am wondering if I could build a 4V camera to take photos or videos ?
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Yes, you can: you can find someone else that already experimented

and also posted some picture on Leiapix


Thanks a lot for this link, Marco ! Very interesting and helfull :slight_smile:

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Phil, I have been working on a project controlling multiple Samsung NX cameras including the NX50, 0.
I created an Android app to control multiple NX cameras. It is a work in progress since the controls for the NX500 are not complete but still useful for stereo lenticular quads.
See my github link for the code at GitHub - ajavamind/Multi-NX-Camera-Control: Control multiple Samsung NX cameras with telnet commands
I have tried four NX2000 cameras for a quad LumePad photo. The alignment is time consuming and the camera interaxials are too large for most subjects.
I have not improved my code any further due to time constraints and priorities, but suggestions for improvement could help if I ever pick it up again.

Andy Modla

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Awesome! I guess I need to pick up some nx20000s to give it a shot :wink:!