h4V pictures: how to shoot real quad photos

Hi all,
first I apologize in advance if my questions are trivial, or if they have already been addressed elsewhere (after quick googling I haven’t found the answer). I have been playing with 2x1 and 2x2 jpg files; my understanding is that real wonderful light effects can be obtained when using 4 independent images, like in the “optometrist” examples. While this is relatively easy to get them on computer graphics (I can just put 4 cameras on the scene, paying attention to their relative orientation), I wonder if this can done when shooting pictures: the H1 -but also the lume pad- has only two cameras, so any other view would be guessed by software, which could origin artifacts. As matter of fact the pro pictures are SBS. So my questions: does anyone knows if the optometrist example involved actually 4 cameras? It seems different by any other example I have found. And in case, how can it be done? My guess would be similar to getting a stereo when using one camera only, namely focusing only on still subjects and move the camera in two positions to get 4 views and create the 2x2 file.
Next question would be more a curiosity: since is not unusual nowadays to have devices with 4 cameras, why H1 and lume pad have been designed with two?

Great questions Marco!

“since is not unusual nowadays to have devices with 4 cameras, why H1 and lume pad have been designed with two?”

When you shoot a Lightfield image with H1 or Lumepad, Leia’s algorithms estimate the scene’s depth and dynamically adjust the 4 “virtual” cameras in order to make the viewing experience comfortable. If we used 4 cameras set apart by a fixed distance (“baseline”), this would mean that some pictures would come out with a too strong 3D effect, while others would appear too “flat”. So 4 physical cameras might be ideal for some scenes, but wouldn’t generalize well to others.

“does anyone knows if the optometrist example involved actually 4 cameras?”

I believe this photo was captured with the 2 cameras on H1, and then 4 output views were synthesized in software. As of today, we haven’t exposed a way of exporting images as quads, but this is on the roadmap (my best guess is 3-6 weeks out).


Are you saying that quads are making a comeback? Hooray!


At this point, may I suggest to enable also SBS export? Should not be hard and would make super simple to enjoy picture in existing 3D tv/projectors/digital frames without need of further software.

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Although I’m not sure if I’ve understood entirely, in case it helps, this was recently posted:

i am personally more interested in the SBS version the H4V PRO.

I don’t understand, why remove it in the first place?
There was no problem with it.
Why removing good things anyway ?

As H4V. Is a format only for HYDROGEN, (as opposed to the 4V. Of Leia,) I have only speculations, as to the reasons.

However, I personally feel that Leia have been pretty legendary, throughout the entire time I’ve known them.
So, if they can make it happen, I’m sure they will.
This is what brings me consolation, (if it’s the right word,) and I hope that maybe it could bring you a little, also.


the H4V only format is only in use for Hydrogen and Leiapad,
but the SBS version H4V Pro can be used on other devices to as the computer etc…

that’s my thing :wink:

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I agree. It’s nice to be able to shoot with an interoperable format which is why I shoot everything in Pro Mode. Plus it’s more difficult (or next to impossible) to perform custom edits in 4V format.


I have always thought the perfect setup would be like the Nishika 4 lens camera. I think, and this is an Idea that would be awesome, is if Leia created a pocket camera that would be an awesome addon, accessory, or whatever you would call it. That would have 4 lenses and could seamlessly pair with the Tablet and phone. Just an idea.


@bombelkie We’ve actually had a couple of creators export some incredible shots from Nishika/Nimslo to Quad 4V and upload to LeiaPix, and they look incredible! You could try it yourself if you’re interested. I assume scanning and aligning the images is a bit of work though.


That’s something I’m going to try and create. It will take some research and learning :wink::smiley:. That’s 2 thing on the go. A TD game and a camera. :crossed_fingers::blush:

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