Lumepad camera mode dilema

Hey everyone,

I just pre-ordered the Lume Pad, and realized that I’m probably going to still use my Hydrogen for taking 4k H4V photos.

However, Hydrogen doesn’t utilize depth maps at all, but Lume pad does.

This seems like a pretty tough dilema. Am I seeing this correctly? What are your thoughts/fixes?

that would mean that I couldn’t use the Hydrogen plugged into the lume pad to be used as a real time stereoscopic camera component

Hi @smicha84, Nic from the LeiaCam team here. The Lumepad will continue to support the pictures and video you capture with H1.

As far as “not supporting depth maps”, I’m not quite clear what you mean by this. Both the Hydrogen and Lumepad take advantage of Leia’s Lightfield camera technology. While we expect to be adding Lumepad-exclusive features, H1 will continue to be a great way to capture photos and videos on the go.


To add to this, you can use the 3rd party tool H4VApp to extract disparity maps from your Leia Image Format images from both Hydrogen and Lume Pad. Note that SBS images shot in Pro 4K SBS on Hydrogen don’t have disparity maps embedded, you will need to edit the image and save a Leia Image Format version before using H4VApp.


Why exclusive to lumepad only?
Think about the users if you wanna get them to go to Lumepad, give users a taste what you het on the pad.
Some are not even buying the pad , both on Android, so it won’t be that difficult to cross share them like you do with Leia player en holopix/leiapix

That’s a good question @Chillerfpv. The reason is that the hardware and firmware of the Lumepad has been designed to better support low-level control of the camera in Lightfield mode. On H1, there are many features we wanted to implement, but weren’t able to because of these limitations. On Lumepad, there are more possibilities that we can take advantage of.