Opening a H4V from the Hydrogen onto the LumePad

Ok. So.
Real “green” question and I apologize if there is a simple answer.
So I had recorded a H4v video using my Hydrogen One and really what I want to do is display it on my LumePad.
So what I did was , after recording the video… saved it to my Google Drive. Then downloaded it from my Google Drive to my LumePad… and tried to open it via LeiaPlayer.
Unfortunately when its played, it plays back in side by side left right stereoscopic 2D mode.
Any information into what I am doing wrong?

Check to ensure the file name ends with _full_2x1 and the file extension is .h4v.

“full” tells the Leia Player that the video is full width. “2x1” tells the Leia Player that it’s SBS or side-by-side stereoscopic.

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OMG… of course… I keep forgetting to make sure that wording was used. Thank you.

While I am on this topic… Any thoughts on sharing via Facebook… in 2D Mode. I know at the moment the LumePad does not offer direct Share mode.
Anyway. Thank you again.

For Leia Image Format photos (Lightfield images, not SBS) you can simply share the photo and it will be 2D on any device that isn’t LitByLeia.

For SBS video, however, the only real solution is to crop the left side of the SBS and share that 2D video. Or, if you upload it as 3D to YouTube, people can switch between 2D and 3D on there with the press of a button.

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