2024 Leia Frame missing editing and saving functions

I’m trying to put together a carefully sequenced 80 frame slideshow in Leia frame.
There is no file name display in the Frame ‘editor’.
The app is missing any sort of sequence editing functionality.
There is no apparent method of inserting images at a chosen point in the sequence.
There is no way of bulk importing a numbered sequence of images.
there is no way of sorting the images, once imported.
There is no way to move a previously imported image into another position in the sequence.
If one makes a mistake in the clumsy 3D image import procedure, one has to start building the slideshow from scratch again.
There is no way of saving a slideshow sequence to have more than one slide show on the system at a time.
Or am I missing something?
This lack of basic functionality was easily surpassed 35 years ago; for example when I was building interactive public information kiosks using Commodore Amiga computer apps. Even in 1989 using LCD “Xspex” glasses for a stereoscopic slideshow experience with standard interlaced TV screens for our local Scitech Discovery Center in Western Australia.
The Lume Pad 2 Frame app seems more appropriate for display haphazard collections of pictures rather than a ‘Slideshow’ which I always understood was a purposefully arranged sequence of images to tell a visual story.
The Frame app is redundant, since it is easier to make a 3D movie of a slideshow outside of Lume Pad and then import it into the Leia Player app for display which is equally haphazard in its file management, again with no file names shown.
I read in a previous post that Leia’s position is that users should build their own apps if they need more functionality than the bare minimum. Hmmm!
Nontheless, the display technology is briliant, something stereoscopy enthusiasts have been waiting for; if more than somewhat let down by the uses it can be put to by the underdeveloped supplied apps. Hope this doesn’t cause to become just another passing 3D gimmick.

And this is still our position. If there’s real demand for it, then a user or a developer will create an app for this and give it away or sell it to others. If there isn’t demand for this, then it’s probably not worth our time to develop either.

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