Some Improvement Suggestions

I would like to first state that I’m rather disappointed with this native app for media play. Most of the common features that have been in media players for years are not present with LiaPlayer (On Demand Access, Playlists, Basic Naming, Slow/Fast, Zoom, Next, ect). Even the front page media is a hassle to deal with because you cannot add your own folders and playlists to easily access. I remember back when I had a commander 3D tablet that their player had many features common with a typical player and that was 10 years ago!

These are a list of things that at minimun I want to see added to the LeiaPlayer:

  1. Folder Shortcuts and Playlists for the front page

  2. Name of Video Presented on Media View
    It is hard to make out what the video is if there isn’t even
    any label for them.
    *Bonus if they are presented with metadata like Plex.

  3. The ability to move between pictures and videos while
    playing them.
    You have this feature in your LeiaCam, why isn’t it in the

  4. Better compatibility for different SD Card formats.
    It would not even accept full read/write with exFAT, I had
    to use a 3rd Party software on PC to convert it to FAT32.

  5. Support for more Video Codecs.
    There are 3D players that have been around for several
    years that have nearly full codec support.

IMO The player should be the most important app the devs should focus on. Most of the average consumer’s time is viewing photos and videos. In the short time I’ve had the Lume Pad 2 I’ve found the hardware to be quite nice, but it’s clear that the software side needs much improvment.


Definitely agree.

The Leia Frame app is also woefully lacking in basic file management capability!
Can’t even sort images by file name to get them in sequence order easily. When a folder of images ordered in numbered file name sequence are loaded, the file order is jumbled up. The only way to put a display sequence in order is to tick each image one at a time in the right order. If the upper left corner of an image is white or a light shade, good luck seeing if it is ticked or not!!! There is no way to insert an image into a sequence without starting all over again.
Useless if you have a sequence of 40 or 50 images to re order. Let alone the inability save more than one Frame image sequence on the device, A big waste of time.
The primitive nature of the Player and Frame apps makes Leia Pad 2 more like a 3D gimick show off rather than a device that can display sequenced, narrative or interactive content . The only way is to make a 3D, side by side movie sequence of 3D images in Windows or Mac then import the 3D movie into Leia Pad for display. I have 2 Leia Pad 2’s but the inability to access specific folders of images in Leia Show or ergonomically manage and save image sequences in Leia Frame are a big, big let down.