Suggestion for leiaplayer

Suggestion for leiaplayer

  1. within leia player, please include list view of TAB media, same as in TAB file browser

  2. when playing video, please include gesture function like

I) swipe left/right for forward/backward playtime (currently if swiped playing file changes)
II) double tap left/right for 10sec forward/backward playtime
III) swipe up/down in left side for increase/decrease volume
IV) swipe up/down in right side for increase/decrease brightness (over riding the system settings)

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Since suggestion are here, I’d like to add my own. :slight_smile: Haha

I would love it if there was a function (like PotPlayer) to slow or speed up playback (not just 1/2, but increments of 10%).

It would be cool, too, if we could flip the videos vertically or horizontally (not the same as changing the orientation of the LumePad. :smiley: Haha.

While we’re at it, how about changing the contrast, brightness, saturation, tint, and various other things you can think of?


I was about to say the playback speed. You said that.

Also please add screen shot function to take some best 3d frames and store as images.

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Yes please.

Right now, swiping right is an ultrafast shortcut for the combined two separate actions of skipping to the next video AND losing your place in your current video, because that’s a super convenient function that really needs to be right at everyone’s fingertips all the time. </sarcasm>

@balajis17 Lume Pad does have a screenshot function that can be used anywhere that isn’t showing DRM’d/protected images or videos. You simply hold the lock button and volume down button for a second.

@BenMcLean The new version of LeiaPlayer releasing soon should greatly improve the video seeking experience. We heard users feedback and prioritized this improvement. Please let us know if you still have issues after the new release on Lume Pad.

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Thanks Nima.

Another suggestion.

Parallax slider for adjustments of sbs files