Suggestions for LeiaPlayer

Hello all, having played around with LeiaPlayer for a few days, primarily as a way to view my personal SBS images, I’d like to submit some suggestions.

The ability to use a Bluetooth device to advance the images without needing to touch the screen. I’d like to be able to sit with the tablet on a table and use either a keyboard or game controller to control the image progression. The app already partially supports these through standard Android protocols, but not for what I’m wanting it to do. I may look into a control mapper app and see if that can do what I need.

A built in slide show function, even if it’s just “Advance to next image in X Seconds”

Still hoping for a slider adjustment to control the parallax on the fly.

The ability to access folders and files from USB and from network drives. Granted, 128 gigs is a fair amount of space for a normal tablet where most people will be accessing cloud data, but for our use, it only goes so far, especially without an internal SD slot.

I’m sure I’ll have more, but I wanted to get the ball rolling.

Wow, that support for keyboards would also enable to use remote controllers (like photo shutter buttons I have, they send the “Enter” key and when any Android device with Camera App is connected, “Enter” key takes a photo, so accepting Enter key on LeiaPlayer as key for watching next photo will be awesome, would convert the Lume Pad in a 3D presentation tool).

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