Leia Player 1.4.39469 missing important funtions

Leiaplayer vertion 1.4.39369 missing important things
On the original Lumepad in Leiaplayer you could tap to enlarge the picture and pinch zoom . Also on the original Lumepad in picture editing you have focus, depth, boker, brightness, contrast, saturation, color pop, hue, filters and relighting all are very useful and very important.
On the new device the app Leiaplayer vertion 1.4.39369 the options are very limited, no tap to expand, no pinch to zoom and in editing 3 D pictures you only have 3D focus
Please can Leia player be giver tap to expand, pinch to zoom and all the picture edit functions of the original Lumepad


Those are very solid points, no one from Leia is going to reply to this? this is from May. Seems a bit weird. Leia - you have an amazing product., why such a sparse online presence? even in your own forums you are barely active…


I have commented on multiple posts every single day for months, and other Leia team members like Marlon make posts too. I don’t really know how to be more active than multiple posts a day, every day.

Hey, maybe you can start by answering the questions asked here by Roger Barley almost 3 months ago? Where are those daily posts you speak of? In this forum, or do you have another forum we are not aware of?
Why did you just reply to my remark about lack of communication, and not bother to answer the questions in this very thread?

I dunno man. A bit weird. Is Leia a company comprised of just a handful of employees?

Because it was product feedback, and the feedback was noted when it was first posted. We read every single thing posted on the Forums, we don’t have to reply to every single one. Roger has also provided this same feedback through other methods such as our customer service help desk.

We are a small company, and yes, only a small handful of us are responsible for this Forum.

If you spend any time reading the Forum, you’ll see that we’re very responsive.

I was just asking a question, no need to get offended or go into defence mode. Sorry, but your vibe is all wrong. A shame.
Anyway, the device itself is great. Learn to accept a bit of criticism, you may be small, but you are sill supposedly a professional company.

I can’t believe I have to even say it, but there you go. Have a great week.


Your customer.

And I was just answering your questions.

Have a great weekend!