A few features/apps I'd like to see

I’m downloading cakeplayer, and I think I’m in love again.
Thanks man.

Cake Player is from that guy who was messing with looking glass.
I’ve been following his youtube channel for some time now.
I took some tips from him.
I love that guy’s channel.

Clash of Titans was junk, it was a rush job (outsourced, too). But the 3D re-release of Titanic looked almost native. They had a team of (skilled) artists that rotoscoped the objects, and (from what I understand) did a lot of manual artistic work for tweaking the depth maps and occlusion. So it can be done, but I can’t imagine how many millions Cameron dropped on that.

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I believe it cost anywhere from 2-20 million.
I watched what little there was on that and Jurassic Park, and how they pulled that one off.
I’m trying to do that with AI.
Starting with Segmentation, through everything else.
I have a lot of learning to do when it comes to conversion, and I’m a dreamer.
I love Orson Welles for what he said, he was so ignorant because he didn’t understand cameras that he redefined cinematography, without experience and a lot of stupidity, he did things no one else could do.
Sometimes Experience is good, sometimes it’s not.
He dared, and I want to see Ai do the same thing for this.
But with the experience I have at the moment, also understand that Stereo/Lightfields are a different animal in terms of cinematography than 3D movies, everything has to be planned for 3D, you’re mind is more tuned to mistakes, but I wonder if they can be fixed with 3D models, if one could get facial reconstruction down, and put that on a MetaHuman, I wonder what else could be done.
So we’ll see. I’m not ignorant to what was done in 2011, but I’m also a one man band at the moment, and that is definitely a challenge, that I’m going to fail to meet.
But at least I will fail with glory, XD.

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Just for clarity for anyone reading this, Leia does not use MiDaS, we use our own proprietary model, which we believe is the best real-time 2D to 3D conversion in the world.

Feel free to compare results from MiDaS or any other competing depth estimation model against LeiaPix.com.

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Hi there, just now I’m trying my new Leia pad 2 which I bought after reading more about Leia due to my acquisition of a refurbished Hydrogen One. I was looking forward to an improved viewing experience of enriched stereographic content. I had come to appreciate that in 4-view a small motion of my head doesn’t break the 3D effect but enhances it - almost holographic indeed.

But I looked in vain for the switch from stereoscopic to “4-view” on the Lume pad 2. Sure, thanks to the eye-tracking the stereo view stays intact when my head moves a little, but the background moves in the other direction which makes the experience less natural (and thus less realistic) than in 4-view on the H1. And to my great disappointment, I found that 2x2 images don’t even load. After some more Internet searching I landed here.

Indeed, I had read that Leia changed its format to an incompatible LIF, but I didn’t suspect that multiview would be abandoned while apps like Leiaviewer appear to handle almost the same with many more views already!

Just now I downloaded Cup Cakes, which looks somewhat similar but for movies only, and with again more views. Moreover both Leiaviewer and cupcakes give the unnatural sensation that the background moves with a movement of my head, but now in the opposite direction.

Based on all that I have a few follow-up questions of features that “I’d like to see”, in line with the OP:

  1. Can CupCakes be made to keep the background steady for a more realistic viewing?
  2. How to convert multiview pictures to be readable by CupCakes?
  3. Would it be too much to ask for an adapted Cupcakes version for direct input of multiple pictures and/or AI creation of multiview from stereoscopic view?

Note that Stereophotomaker was adapted to enable creating multiple images from 2D + depth for the old Leia format. But now only old equipment can show it.

Oops I meant of course Cakeplayer. Anyone know if it could be used to resurrect 4-view 3D (or expand on it?).

You should reach out to the developer of Cake Player for all that. Anyone can make anything on Leia’s platform, and Cake Player is just an example of a 3rd party developer building something they wanted to see.

If you’d like to build a multiview media player, you can.

I was looking into reaching out to him earlier and he shared his inspiration, he has a youtube channel, and several other bits of content.
I think he has a github.

Because I do want to take advantage of the multiview feature for some of my projects as well.
That being said, you still have to use eye tracking, which while it’s great for bandwidth, could use some improvement if that’s what’s causing ghosting.

I’m finding a few indie groups that convert older movies to 3D.
Apparently there is a conversion of the Vincent Price film (The Last Man on Earth).
I’m starting to love this device.
Why I bring that up, you might ask.
The real time 3d conversion the tablet did on an anaglyph sample was spot on.
So…yeah, color me impressed.

Okay I had a look at the projects of the developer, it does appear that 4-view and more fit within his projects so I intend to contact him for advice.

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Hi to my regret, John Gladstone didn’t reply my email. And his Cakeplayer seems to only access his own files, I didn’t find a way to open my own files. Did anyone else here fare better?