A Fond Farewell to LeiaDream: Embracing New Beginnings

Dear LeiaDream Users,

As we continue to explore the forefront of digital creativity, we’re making a strategic shift to focus our efforts and resources on LeiaPix.com. With over 3 million users, LeiaPix offers a unique platform for generating 3D content from 2D images or videos, paving the way for innovative content creation.

While LeiaDream has been a valuable part of our journey, we will be removing LeiaDream from the Leia Appstore within the week, and we will be concluding its service on May 15th, 2024. This decision allows us to enhance our offerings on LeiaPix.com, ensuring we provide the best tools and experiences for 3D content creators.

What’s Next?

  • We invite you to join the vibrant community at LeiaPix.com, where we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of 3D content creation.
  • For assistance and more information on transitioning, please contact our support team.

Thank you for your creativity and support through LeiaDream.
We’re excited to offer even more possibilities at LeiaPix.com and look forward to welcoming you there.


So Leia will no longer do AI created images?

I’m assuming that remaining credits can be used on leiapix?

Update: It appears that they do.

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Yes, correct and correct :wink:

that’s kinda sad…. I probably need to download my past images and prompts.

I applaud the courage it takes to maintain focus. Too many companies spread themselves too thin with predictability disastrous outcomes!

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