LeiaPix Converter Desktop app?

What happened to the Leia Pix desktop app?
After a while I was able to get over the fact that it is no longer free since 2.0. The editing of the deathmap was incorporated very well. But now with the version (I think 2.4 or something) the images are perhaps only half as deep in depth. More useless stuff like new animation styles and longer animation lengths have been added and more seconds in the output for MP4. But who uses these animations? Most people I know create SBS photos from Leia Pix. But the photos now have hardly any depth. I took an image that was created with the old version and recreated it in the new version with the same settings and even at the highest Amount of Motion the image hardly has any depth. Why is that?

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There has never been a LeiaPix app for desktop.

The vast, vast majority of users create animations. Over 80% of the usage of the product is for animations. The remaining 20% is split between getting depth maps and making SBS images.

Please reach out on the LeiaPix Discord to get fast support on LeiaPix.

The app that I mean is the Web App at the Browser

It’s available at http://www.leiapix.com