Introducing LeiaPix Converter 2.0: Elevate Your Visual Experience Like Never Before!

We are thrilled to unveil the next generation of LeiaPix Converter. Crafted with your needs in mind, this update offers jaw-dropping high-definition animations, groundbreaking depth maps, and an intuitive user interface.

To celebrate the launch of the Lume Pad 2, Leia has deposited 500 complimentary credits into every existing account! New users, fear not—we’ve got you covered with free promotional credits to kickstart your LeiaPix journey. These credits will be more than sufficient for you to experience our high-definition video export capabilities.

Standard exports like animations at 720p or lower, SBS, LIF, Facebook 3D, and Depth map will continue to be free. For those looking to push the boundaries with high-definition exports above 720p, a nominal credit charge will apply.

We believe in continuous innovation, and that’s why we’re in the final stages of developing an improved depth map editing feature. This will empower you to tailor your animations and depth maps to perfection. Stay tuned for this exciting addition!

Thank you for being a part of our vibrant community. We can’t wait for you to experience LeiaPix Converter 2.0 and would love to hear your feedback!

Best regards,
LeiaPix Team


The new features in the LeiaPix Converter have definitely elevated its performance, making it appear more high-definition. I’m intrigued to know when the depth map editor will be made available. I’m eager to see how it has been improved and experience the enhancements.

I’ve been trying to upload an image to modify in LeiaPix using the new interface, but the uploading tool errors out at 50%, saying " Unexpected Error
Something went wrong. Please try again".
I’ve been trying repeatedly since yesterday, using many different images, but each time I receive an error and I’m unable to access the tool.
Any suggestions?

I recommend you clear your browser’s cache, log in again, and try again.

If that still doesn’t work, reach out to

Tested today: impressive improvement! I have created depth maps for several pictures and all were perfect (no need to edit…)

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I had a weird issue with the new version where it created rotated depth maps. It’s not on all images, so I’m not sure why. If you need the original image to duplicate this let me know.

I’ve cleared the browser cache, logged out and in, updated my OS and video card drivers, but the problem persists - I am unable to upload any images to the web interface. The tool is not accessible.
I had no trouble with the old interface, and in fact was in the middle of a project when you switched versions - is the older version still accessible somewhere?

That’s weird! We’ve been having some issues with depth maps appearing where they shouldn’t, but I haven’t seen this bug yet. I’ll pass it along to the team!

Can you try using a different browser? Also, are you blocking any services on your internet that could be causing an issue?

No, version 2.0 is the new version of the product and the older version has been deprecated. Please reach out to so they can diagnose your bug and try to fix it.

Thank you for your reply - I have referred the issue to the help desk. It is curious, especially given that the old version was working without issues. I’ll follow up with the help desk.