Advice for cleaning/wiping the rear camera?

After about 6 months of use the camera on my Lume Pad 2 is starting to get a bit blurry. I’d like to clean it, but from past experience with other devices I’m worried that using the wrong material or cleaning solution will leave more debris or fogginess than before cleaning.

Is there any recommended type of lens cleaning method for the rear camera on the 3D tablets? I am considering microfiber or paper lens wipe products with non-alcohol solution, but it would be great to know what the experts in this area at Leia recommend when wiping the lenses. Would also really appreciate advice from other users who have had success cleaning their camera lens and getting it to work like new.

Thanks in advance for you support!

Hi Josh!
If you are not regularly wiping down your lens with a lens friendly micro-fiber cloth, you should definitely do so. Like any camera lens, making sure its free of smudges and debris is key, particularly with multiple camera lenses such as stereo, 180, 360 etc.

I am not sure what products are available where you live but here is a helpful guide on cleaning mobile device lenses.

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