Honest review of lume pad 2

This going to be very brief, I LOVE 3d, absolutly love it. The truth is the lume pad 2 is not ready yet, the technology is just not there, in a few years maybe, but the 3d is very hit and miss. Like in games it looks so odd sometimes, like goes into the screen when should come out. The cross talk is an issue, if they could incorporate active shutter technology that would solve the problem. I must say the 3d models on the look incredible, like a hologram. Truth is in the next few years every screen will come with a glass free 3d technology. I look forward to see the glass free 3d tv and pc screens. Imo at the moment the technology is not ready for main stream adoption.

Many of us would disagree. Personally I would say the tech has been ready since 2015 with the New 3DS.
It doesn’t have to be a perfect simulation of reality, it only has to be consistently better than a 2D view.

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Maybe for just viewing films, but not for gaming or 2d to 3d conversion , most of the time the 3d did hit and miss, if they want to go mainstream they need to reduce the ghosting a bit and give full hd to each eye, thats just my view.

Well, it depends on the game and on the pictures or movie… if the game is well designed, to me the 3D in Lume Pad 2 is simply amazing: check the demonstration in the free Dungeon demo to see what I mean. If you move the tablet the view changes accordingly and you have all kind of light and depth effect with almost no ghosting

Active shutter? :laughing: Not sure what that has to do with auto conversion quality, which is among the best in the industry. The display itself is pretty seamless. Sure you’re using the LP2 and not 1?

Yes lum pad 2, active shutter gets rid of cross talk and gives full hd to each eye

still not good enough i am afraid for mass consumption

yes but hardly any good games

I have multiple active shutter devices and they still have cross-talk, passive glasses that are polarized do MUCH better in reducing cross-talk. Also, active shutter doesn’t necessarily give full HD to each eye. It’ll give whatever the resolution of the display is at a cost of half the framerate.

My 4k projector has absolutely zero cross talk. Full hd to both eyes deep 3d and is leaps ahead of lume pad 2. The main issue for me is gaming like I said before the 3d conversion using moonbeam is sometimes incredible but alo of the time also it simply does not work …it make parts that are supposed to go out go in ect ect and therefore it’s unusable. If you can fix that problem and give full hd to each eye I think will be awesome. As I said every company will soon have this technology using ai.

What model is it? I’ve never heard of a 3D projector that’s not FauxK (1080p pretending to be 4K).

What’s moonbeam?

Sorry moonlight, the app used to play games in 3d, to stream. uhz50, the picture in 3d is incredible. https://www.optoma.co.uk/product-details/uhz50

Moonlight3D doesn’t do any conversion. It only displays existing Half-Width 3D content from a PC on the Lume Pad 2.

Sure, what I mean is the 3d does not full work with the lumepad, for instance when playing strwars, the light saber goes into the screen instead of out, lots of other issues, and sometimes looks incredible, that may not be a problem with the pad, but it means alot of 3d games cannot be played on the pad. I would be intreasted in the pc screen, any idea when the glass free pc screen is coming out ?

That means the game’s 3D has issues.

It isn’t.

There’s already a model out from Acer called SpatialLabs View.