Ghosting fix for Lumepad 2!

This might be obvious for some, but as someone new to 3D displays it took me some research to figure out. It was this post from Nima which got me on the right path:

All of the VR180 footage from my Canon had severe ghosting when displayed on the Lumepad 2, despite looking fine in my VR headset. Turning the black levels up a bit completely solved it for me!

In my experience, there are two situations where I experience ghosting:

  1. Black levels are too dark, causing content to bleed into the feed meant for the other eye.

  2. When there’s a large amount of disparity, or 3D depth. This is completely normal, and it’s how we experience the world through our 2 eyes. When our eyes aren’t focused on an object, we see double.

Turning up the black levels solves #1, and being careful about how I shoot solves #2. Making sure objects don’t get too close to the camera greatly reduces #2. This is easily accomplished with the built in Lumepad 2 cameras, but it’s not too hard even with the Canon fisheye VR180 lens.

Feature request: Implement an anti-crosstalk (ghosting) feature which optimally turns up the black levels for us. This would be easier than me re-encoding all of my content, and the Lumepad itself should be better than me at determining how much of a change is necessary to avoid ghosting.


you said black levels are to dark. then you say turning the levels up fixes it. wouldn’t it be turning them down fix it?

I tested both lightening the blacks and also making them darker. still ghosts ether way.

Yeah, the ghosting exists primarily with high contrast scenarios. It’s not terrible, but there is a good amount of crosstalk. Anyone know an autostereoscopic display with less crosstalk?