Discoloration on LumePad Display

I’ve recently noticed that on the edges of the display there appears to be discoloration almost as if the adhesive is separating between the layers of the screen. This is only visible in lightfield mode. I don’t believe this is caused by weather or humidity as I’ve never taken my LumePad outside and I live in California where it’s very dry. I have never spilled any liquid on it. (See attached photos)

It’s probably not worth the cost to have this repaired. But I am wondering if any other user has experienced something similar.

Hey @Stuart_Fujitani,

Please reach out to help@leiainc.com, I’ve messaged the team and ensured they’ll take care of you.

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I’ve sent them an email. However, I doubt it will be worth the cost to have it repaired. For the most part, it’s still working.

I see this on mine too with all pictures that are lighter on the top end. On one Lume Pad, it’s almost symmetric on both sides on top, 1 cm wide and 3-4 cm in from the left/right side, on another it’s only on the left side but at the same place.

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I would consider this a manufacturing defect if it’s due to a substrate adhesive failing. But I have no knowledge of display construction.

Great, now I see it too. Two weeks in. Was it there before? No idea.

I wonder if it’s caused by internal heat. The tablet gets surprisingly warm in 3D mode, even just browsing photos. Even playing high end games it doesn’t get nearly as warm.

Same exact thing happened to my Red Hydrogen One except far worse. Looked perfect in 2D mode, but in 3D had what looked like irregular separation and lost brightness in the center to the point the 3D could only be viewed in a somewhat dark room

After reading your post I have checked my Lumepad(s): the latest that I have purchased for myself has this same defect to all 4 sides, while in the first, purchased long ago at full price for my lab, the defect is barely visible (there is something, that you can only spot looking with lot of care). I do not know if it is that was always there and noted only after reading this post: my pictures that are 16:9, up and down there is the small black band, so normally such a discoloration is not visible (and lateral are smaller), and even in most images and videos; so I have seen it only using its cameraand directing it to a very clear subject. At the moment I have no problems with it, hoping that it does not become worse over time…
For Hydrogen: mine is still perfect, in spite of 2 years of intense use. The one of my daughter, bought second-hand, arrived with a defect Hydrogen One question - #30 by m.farina that ,I think, is what mentioned @Jonathan_Sabin ; they look different from the Lumpad, (where it really looks more like a kind of glue) ; anyway the one of my daughter (still intense use) so far did not get worse over time, so I think that in that case it was some exposure to sun or strong light; my hypothesis is due to the fact that I have purchased for a friend, a version that was only used for exhibition, apparently brand new, but when turning on the 3D, it can be seen only in very dark room since most of the screen is shadowed in a very bad way.

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I already noticed it some time ago on both Hydrogen and Lume, seems it worsens with the time

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That would be a very bad news. I still hope it is not the case; if it is, it could be some kind of oxidation of the DLB, maybe in response to heat; if it is heat, that’s would be a serious issue, since Lumepad becomes really really hot in 3D mode, as mentioned by @srgilbert, and also a limit for future applications such as in cars. I personally try to reduce its brightness, since I suspect that the backlight is the origin of heat (after all Lumepad improved a lot the image brightness, and this can come at expenses of temperature), just to stay on the safe side.
I would be very sad if those magnificent pieces of technology do last less than forever :grin: . I’m sure Leia people can help giving some advice on how to improve lifespan.

My Lume Pad with only one of these “shadows” is the one I’ve used daily since almost two years now. The one that shows two such shadows was used for no more than 20 to 30 hours. If time plays a role at all, my two Lume Pads would indicate that the shadows disappear over time :slight_smile:

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