Screen imperfection?

anyone else have any issues? not sure if i am being too picky.
at the top of my screen right below the small sensor to the left of the camera i have faint discoloration.
about 1 inch long and 1/4th wide. can see it in white and grey mostly.
hard to see in a pic, but can see easy when scrolling the screen.

Hey Mark,

Thank you for sharing. We would certainly want to look into this further. Any chance you can provide some additional (and clearer) pictures to our Customer Care Team at If there is a defect, we will be happy to replace your Lume Pad asap.


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Yes, I have that too! Except mine is on both ends of the screen. Not sure if it just started or I never noticed it.

Hello Jonathan,

Thank you also for sharing. We would very much like to look into this issue further. If possible, could you provide us with a few photos or a video showing the issue? You can send those images or video to our Customer Care Team at As mentioned, if this is indeed a defect, we will be more than happy to replace your Lume Pad immediately. Thanks!


Hey, Iā€™m sorry for the confusion, I realize now this topic is about the Lume Pad, whereas I was talking about my Red Hydrogen One. Nevermind.