Normal operating temps?

For those of you who have been watching SBS 3D content, have you experienced the tablet getting very hot on the top left section when holding the tablet horizontally? To the right of the camera? I have been attempting to watch some 3D blu rays I have recently ripped, and when watching I have noticed the tablet gets very hot. This is not something I thought of testing with the other 2 defective tablets I had to return, but I dont remember so much heat coming from them. Really curious if anyone else is experiencing the same?

My Lume Pad 2 regularly heats up around the cameras when using the 3D display. I’m not sure why.

That’s where the SOC / CPU is. Over prolonged periods of usage when it’s under load, this is expected. This happens to many flagship mobile products today, including ones like Samsung Galaxy and iPhone after prolonged usage.


makes sense if they are located there, it just seemed hotter than any of my other electronics or tablets. Next time it gets that hot again I will take some temperature readings and share them, I just want to make sure that what I am seeing is in the normal range. Also, when it heats up the battery starts to drain at a much higher rate, almost a percentage per minute, which seemed a little aggressive

This seems normal. Under heavy load in 3D, you should expect the battery to last 2 to 3 hours. In 2D doing normal tasks, it will last much longer than that.

This is similar to other leading immersive device’s battery life like Meta Quest Pro.


Have you noticed any dropped frames ? Especially if there’s camera movement. All my regular 2D MP4’s when converting/watching in 3D in Leia Player have dropped frames. (They play fine in 2D). It doesn’t matter the res of the video it can be very low at it still does this. I use tubeMate to grab videos from YouTube to watch offline. It’s funny because these same videos playback perfectly streaming in 3D in Leia Tube.
It’s just watching them in Leia Player that I have this problem… and the heat issues too !

No, actually I have not noticed that before but i will keep an eye out for it if I notice something similar. Might be something else going on with your device. If possible, it will help if you can record a short clip of it happening so you can email it to their support team sooner than later.