Help! Lume pad 2 stuck in bootloop

Hey. I have a lumepad 2 that I’ve been daily driving as a tablet since release. It’s been quite a handy tool and very convenient for me on days where a laptop just seems like overkill. However I was working on a project and left it connected to my external HDD while the project was still open, when I came back I found the device completely drained, I suspect heavy rendering plus powering thr external HDD. Anyhow now it’s not turning on. I keep seeing a battery logo that turns on the screen and couple seconds later the entire device force stops and repeats itself. I played around with various ways to potentially charge it, and I can’t seem to charge nor boot the device.

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I have had something similar on my Nubia Pad 3D. On the odd occasion that l have completely drained the tablet and l go to recharge it with the 33W brick and supplied usb charging cord, it will not charge. I then have to use a much, much lower watt usb charging cable and brick which l then am able to start the charge … l get it to about 4 or 5% and then l change to the 33w brick and supplied charging cable and it then seems completely fine! This always happens and is the process l follow if the tablet is drained to zero … which l don’t do often but sometimes it happens!


This is the way. I got it up and running. However I’ve noticed if Leia player or Leia viewer is running in the background, even if it isn’t being used it causes the battery to basically dry out. I left my device trickle charging all of yesterday, was left with a full battery last night, did some lite 3d content consumption and fell asleep, today when I woke up to try to use it, I found a dead device again, only to find that Leia player was open in the back ground.

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Yes! Those apps really drain the battery fast even when not actively being used and simply running in the background. I have made it a habit to always close those apps (e.g. Leia Pix, Leia Player etc) when l have finished using them and do what l can to ensure they aren’t running in the background needlessly so as to not drain the battery!