Converting 2D videos to 3D in Leia Player

Playing back 2D videos in 3D in Leia Player has framerate and heat issues.
All the regular 2D MP4 videos that I covert to watch in 3D have dropped frames. Playing these same videos in 2D work fine. The resolution doesn’t make a difference. (Even low-res 360p and 480p stutter). It’s very obvious when there’s any kind of camera movement.
The dropped frames are NOT in the video files. Rewatching the same video multiple times the dropped frames appear in slightly different places. This is like a software system resource issue.
Also, after 5 minutes of watching, in 3D, the tablet get very warm and after 10 minutes it gets hot. (Which is not good for the battery). I use tubeMate to grab YouTube videos to watch offline.
It’s wierd because these same videos play perfectly fine, in 3D, streaming in Leia Tube. It’s just when watching them in 3D in Leia Player. The demo videos that came with the tablet play back perfectly fine in Leia Player too. It’s probably because they are already in 3D and don’t need to be converted.
There’s something with the converter in Leia Player that’s not behaving correctly.
When I switch back to 2D in Player they all play perfectly and after awhile the tablet temperature comes back down.

I’ve found the same, also - I didn’t try again because I care about my battery - but if the app is left in background, it apparently keep using the battery. I’ve left the tablet off, and the battery was completely flat after an hour or so, and the device was hot.

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This isn’t exactly correct. The battery getting hot would be bad for the battery, but the heat you’re feeling (assuming it’s in the top left and not throughout the whole back of the tablet) is the processor heating up. It dissipating heat from that location is by design so it can get better performance (obviously do not cover this area with anything if you want it to maintain performance and not under-clock).

I’ll have the team take a look at this. I haven’t experienced anything like this on my device, but I also don’t spend long periods of time doing 2D to 3D conversion in LeiaPlayer, so it might just be that I never ran into it.

The engineers will run some performance tests soon.

Yes, the heat issue is in the top left. Also, the battery voltage goes down fast.
It’s funny because all the videos playback perfectly smooth, streaming in Leia Tube and the tablet doesn’t get as hot too. It’s just playing them back in Leia Player converting to 3D that the frame dropping happens. It stands out more when there’s any kind of camera movement and even very low res videos do it too. I think it’s something in the CONVERSION process and Player.

I completely shut down the tablet when not using so I never had that problem.
You can force stop the app. or get the VERY GOOD "Kill Apps " app to automatically shut it down. Or just make sure the 3D is switched to 2D. It’s too bad Leia Player behaves like this. The 3D looks so GOOD ! I only use the 3D, in player, for 3-5 minutes before shutting off the 3D. The tablet just gets too hot and the battery really starts taking a beating. It’s wierd Leia Tube doesn’t have this problem and it streams…
Hopefully, if they fix it they’ll add the 3D Depth Slider, (for VIDEOS), on the right side like in Leia Tube. Not being able to adjust the Depth is kinda dumb without the kinda.

Question regarding converting 2d to 3d using Leia Tube. The instructions state “Use URL link from streaming platforms”. So I decided to give the VUDU website a try (in the hope that their streaming link for full feature movies would work). Unfortunately this streaming idea does not work—possibly due to some designed limitation on either VUDU’s part or a software downloading issue.

Can (or will) Lume be able to coordinate/partner with Walmart (owner of VUDU). I have found Walmart receptive to ideas (especially when it come to VUDU), since VUDU has competed with the likes of Fandango and other media streamers, and survived.

Any ideas in how to stream videos/movies directly to Leia Tube would be helpful.

Additionally I have purchased a portable Blu-ray 3d recorder/player in the hope I may be able to play Blu-Ray disks directly from the player to the LumePad, then use Leia Tube.

Again any assistance would be appreciated.

Yes, video streams that are encrypted using DRM are not supported.

We can’t confirm or deny which potential partners we have spoken to. However, if support for Lume Pad 2 is something you’re interested in, you should reach out to the providers of your favorite content and games. The Leia SDKs are available for anyone to use.