Problem with LeiaTube version V2.2.19 Lumepad2/Nubia Pad 3D YouTube video not converting to 3d correctly

There seems to be a problem with LeiaTube V2.2.19 Lumepad2 /Nubia Pad 3D not converting a YouTube video correctly to 3D, the video plays correctly before converting to 3D, once in 3D it runs slow, has low contrast and is in a red/blue colour.

The same YouTube video played on the Lumepad 1 and runs normally in 2D and 3D.

The YouTube video is
Costa Rica in 4K 60fps HDR (Ultra HD)
Posted by Jacob +Katie Sckwarz
Their other videos play ok in 3D and all are great.

The Lumepad 1 does not have this problem.

Is any one else having this problem, I have reported it to Support
Please let me know if you try this video from YouTube and get the same problem.