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would someone make an app to convert 3d games for red hydrogen one and lumepad? like lg optimus 3d


That would be cool.

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They won’t work for a variety of reasons. The two big ones are the following:

  1. The 3D rendering is totally different. Lightfield vs. lenticular

  2. The Android SDK version for apps made for Leia devices is significantly higher than the older 3D Android devices

Devs who make an app for a Leia platform however are welcome to port to any other 2D or 3D store. Leia tries to be an open platform.

jakedowns managed to put litbyleia on citra (emu 3ds) how did he do it?
Do you have any application for pc that can render 2d games to 3d?

Using the Leia SDK it’s possible for any developer to make software for Lume Pad. However, converting older 3D games/software automatically isn’t something that’s currently possible, nor vice versa. Automatic conversion currently only works for photos and videos.

Currently only ReShade 3D has added support for Lume Pad, however it can only take photos and videos of games so far, not stream them to Lume Pad. Solutions for that may come in the future however.

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