Display everything in 3D

Wouldn’t be better if the tablet presented everything on the screen in 3D?

If you want a battery autonomy about 1 or 2 hours…

Or just the same option to switch the screen to 3D without the special apps.

This isn’t possible due to various reasons. Firstly, the Lume Pad 2’s display is very complicated, unlike existing 3D devices that could simply move pixel columns around. Second, Leia’s services would need to be able to capture the screen of your applications, which is bad for security if you’re using your device for sensitive info like banking for example.

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Uhhgh I hate how security/privacy blocks many steps to advance technology… It does make complete sense tho. Obs: None of these questions affects how amazing and valuable this device is. I will definitely be interested in all your future progress. Thank You

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@mawtep, how would this even work? At what depth woul you want different elements of this website?

Ex: Im trying to watch a 3D movie directly from a SDcard (I cant)… I have to copy the movie/photo to internal drive so that Leia player can recognize it. If I had the option to just open the movie/image and the screen convert it to 3D, that would solve that issue.

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Yeah SD Card support for media would be great. I can understand some cheaper cards don’t have the speed, but the one I have is 200MB/s read, so should be good enough. Also, maybe if Leia made a web browser (just fork Firefox or whatever) that way you could browse the web in 2D-to-3D.

All that could have been solved if the display itself could which from 2D-3D with a touch of a button at any given time. But unfortunately the Ai has to go through a specific app to be able to convert to 3D.

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You would want Ai randomly setting text and UI elements at depths? Sounds like a mess.

Maybe at first, but like anything it would get better and better over time, to the point where eventually it knows what to do with each element of the UI to make it look like it was created manually for 3D. Might take a while to get to that point, but I think it would be worth it. You are right though, to start the results would probably be very hit and miss