Aspect Ration 3D SBS 16:9 Media

Any update on a fix to the aspect ration of SBS 3D content. Almost everything is in 16:9 and I keep noticing Leia player keeps stretching vertically to fill the screen. I was attempting to show some clients both VR and SBS 3D footage that we shot this weekend and they also noticed the footage looked stretched.

I’m sure I am late to the boat and there are some settings or tags we can manually add by now but I could not find any to fix this on the SBS 3D videos.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

This is a known bug that we’ll be fixing with this upcoming version. It shouldn’t affect VR media or LVF, but should effect SBS videos.

Wonderful, thank you! Any ballpark estimate when the next update will be released? 30-60-90 days out? Thanks