Augmented Reality implimentation

is it possible to do AR and view it in 3d? So to place 3d object in the real world via the backfacing camera, and then for this to be viewable in 3d. As you move the tablet around the object remains in the spot where it was placed, adjusting distance and perspective in line with everything else. Is there an app for this similar to Microsoft 3D Viewer?

Yes, in theory.

However, Google blocks the ability to use a 3D camera with ARCore, so you can only see passthrough in 2D.

So if you wanted to do an AR app that’s in 3D, you’d either have to have the scene be fully virtual, or you’d have to use a different AR SDK that’s not ARCore that supports 3D passthrough.

That’s a shame, as I wanted to get this device to show clients items in 3d in their home settings,