Is 3D possible in browser?

Hi dear Lume support team!

On older style 3D-tablets and phones it’s possible to view stereo-content in browser. (if the web page delivers it in interlaced format).
Thos devices work in such way: they use interlaced image (column, row, or chessboard) to show 3D. And they have a master switch in settings that switches the device to interlaced 3D mode. Then if I open the browser, and the browser page provides content as an interlaced 3D, I perfectly see it on screen of those tablets and phones.

Will this not work with lume?
I assume it also uses interlaced technology to display 3d?

This info is crucial for me for purchasing the tablet.

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It would be possible if an extension was made for the specific browser you want to view it in, else there would have to be a Leia exclusive browser made for the hardware to recognize.

Thank you!

I assume this extension should be created necessarily using the special Lume SDK?
Which of the SDKs should be used to display stereopair images/visualizations in stereopair format on Lume?
I suppose CNSDK, not Unreal/Unity SDKs?

Hi Pavel,

We used to have a WebGL SDK on older devices, but no one used it so it’s no longer supported.

The plan is to eventually have WebXR support for our devices.

Until then, you’ll need to use the LeiaSR SDK to create a browser that supports the feature you want. You can load web content in Unity and Unreal, so theoretically you COULD use the Unity or Unreal Plugins, but using the LeiaSR Native SDK with Chrome is probably the best path forward.

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