New, Free Tool: WebXR Workaround Support Shim Apk

Thanks to @simongellis, Leia Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D developers now have a new option for delivering 3D Stereo, Head-Tracked, content to Leia’s holographic displays!


Using Simon’s simple wrapper app, you can use Android’s built in “share intent” system to open any web url from Chrome in Stereo 3D!

Check out the source code here:

Download the “viewer” apk here:

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This is an absolutely amazing project that I’ve been waiting for since I got the Leia LumePad 2.

I am a web developer and this project offers me awesome possibilities to bring 3D content to the LumePad without having to write Android code.

I have opened 3 issues in the issue tracker that are currently preventing me from working with it. I hope the project will be developed further.

A way to support this project by a donation would be also great. :wink:

Many regards,
Jens Duttke


This is a great project and something that I’ve actually looking for (a chrome wrapper). It works great for the samples. I guess it needs to be a threejs site with VR enabled to work. I’ve tried some other sites like sketchfab, matterport and potree. However, none of them are threejs.

Where have you’ve (anyone) had success using it?