WebGL in stereo

Is there some type of plugin, wrapper or completely different browser that will take WebGL and project it in stereo? I can see WebGL content with no issues using chrome but it’s 2D.

To be specific, I would like to see point cloud scans and I haven’t been able to do that yet. Uploading such a large data set to Sketchfab or converting them to a supported format has been uncessesful. I’ve been able to host the models with a project called potree that uses WebGL.


Hey @sdoughtie, thanks for the great question!

I checked in with the teams and the word for now is that we are working on a webGL SDK, but there’s no plug-in at this time.

We’ll be sure to keep you all posted when we make more headway on this.


Darren from Leia


These WebGL sites are shown in stereoscopic 3D with nvidia 3d vision computer if you put the page at full screen, including new webgl websites even now nvidia 3d vision is no longer maintained. So there’s nothing that could impede to visualize that information in 3D on the Lume if Leia make a browser for WebGL, even if the website wasn’t specifically programmed to be shown on Lume (sites won’t need to use SDK to adapt their sites to Lume Pad, any webgl website will work, also make a chromium based browser should be easier for them than making an SDK)

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That is a good point. The point cloud above works in VR on the standard Oculus Quest Browser (which is Android).

Nice site BTW.