Best way to port a web app that uses Three.js to use Leia 3D

I’m completely new to Leia and have only recently found out about its 3D capabilities. I’m currently building an app that has a 3D UI and was wondering the best way to port it to Leia. I understand there’s an Android SDK but this is a web app, using React, TypeScript and Three.js so it would be difficult to port it to Android. Any ideas? I also saw that there was some kind of WebXR hack that allowed the Leia to run WebXR apps.

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Where did you see the hack, I am interested.

As far as I know, Leia depricated the WebGL SDK. I haven’t check to see if it still works on the Lumepad2.

(Deprecated) WebGL SDK Guide - Developer Docs (

This looks like it would enable the Leia devices to render WebXR content.