Battery Conditioning

When the instructions say that one should go through three complete charge/discharge cycles (after having charged Lume Pad to 100% first), does that mean 100% charge to depletion (auto shut-down)?

I read conflicting information on the web, indicating that a Li-Ion battery should never be charged 100%. Also noticed that the charge-indicator light turns green at 94%.

Thank you for any advice!

Hello Katherine,

Thank you very much for the excellent question. We apologize for the late response.

Leia recommends that Lume Pad users charge the Lume Pad with the provided charger and cable until the Lume Pad’s charge LED turns green.

Leia recommends charging the Lume Pad once the battery gets down to about 20%. Intentionally discharging the Lume Pad battery further is not required nor recommended for longevity purposes.

While the Lume Pad fast charger will not over charge the Lume Pad battery, for a longer lifespan, Leia does not recommend leaving the Lume Pad always on the charger. If the Lume Pad needs to be left on a charger for it’s intended use, then it is recommended that occasionally (~once a month) the Lume Pad be unplugged to discharge down to about 20% and then re-connected to the charger, to maximize the longevity of the battery.

I hope this answers your question and relieves any concerns you have while enjoying your Lume Pad!



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