Bloom effect not working in URP

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the LeiaLogoCameraCentric scene
  2. Disable all lights except the Directional Light
  3. Enable to Post-Processing toggle on the Leia cameras (Head, Left Eye, Right Eye)
  4. Set the layer of the Leia Display game object and its children to Post-Processing
  5. On the LeiaLogo material, set the Emission colour intensity to 2.5
  6. Add a Global Volume to the scene. Set its layer to Default.
  7. Add Bloom override with Threshold 2 and Intensity 10
  8. You can see the Bloom effect in Game View in Edit Mode
  9. You can’t see the Bloom effect in Game View in Play mode

The Bloom effect doesn’t work in the Android build either. I tried other post-processing effects like Chromatic Aberration and Lens Distortion and they work fine.

It seems to be related to HDR colours. I checked my URP asset and the HDR toggle is on.

I’m using:

  • Unity 2022.3.30
  • Leia SDK 3.2.5